At the End of May

This month the irises bloomed. IMG_0421-1I have two plantings of Iris, a bed of what I think are Siberian irises (I’m not sure because the original plants were given to my wife by a friend of hers) and a bed of dwarf irises.

The siberians have spread over the years into a thick bed. I love the way they look when they are in bloom.

A number of years ago, I saw a magazine article about Monet’s garden. They had reestablished the garden using the colors and varieties that Monet had planted. I was far more interested in the actual garden than I was in his paintings. My favorite was a bed of irises down the middle of a walkway. They grew so thickly that they spilled out into the walkway itself.

Dwarf iris 1I also have a bed of dwarf irises. They grow about six inches high and spread. However, they came and went in less than a week (remind me again why I grow them?).  However, they ARE pretty and make a unique groundcover.

This year, I planted some herbs and a few vegetables in the front bed. I haven’t grown vegetables in the front bed before, so this is something of a trial run.

The eggplant hasn’t done ANYTHING. I’m used to newly-planted annuals taking a week or more to begin showing signs of growth, but this is ridiculous. It still has the same four leaves that it had when I planted it a month ago.

The cilantro began bolting and I cut off the shoot. Apparently, that’s it for the cilantro. Unlike parsley, it won’t continue growing. That probably means that the only way I can grow cilantro is in the fall or spring. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. I’ll see if I can find a bell pepper plant to put in its place.

The basil keeps trying to bloom; I keep pinching off the tips to delay the inevitable. (We REALLY like pesto, so it’s worth it.)


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