Hydrangea Problems – Update

As I mentioned before, I’ve been having problems with my single hydrangea bush. Well, not with the plant itself, but with the care of it. The plant, a hydrangea macrophyla ‘Nikko Blue’, is a healthy and a vigorous grower. The problem is, it blooms on old wood. Between clueless yard maintenance workers and unpredictable late frosts, I currently have a total of two flower heads when I should have dozens.

It’s enough to make a gardener look longingly at repeat blooming hydrangeas like ‘Endless Summer.’ Since it blooms on both old and new growth, a late freeze or overzealous pruning won’t halt blooming.

I’m reluctant to replace this hydrangea. I guess I feel a certain loyalty to it, it having grown and bloomed in the yard for years. But when you don’t have much space, having a large plant that doesn’t bloom seems like a waste of space.


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