The Yard at the End of June

The heat of summer has come on with a vengeance. Normally, it doesn’t get really hot until July. But for the last two weeks of June, the daytime temperatures have been in the mid 90’s.

The tomato that I planted in a pot on our patio continues to bear tomatoes, however, they are rather watery – not very good for eating raw, but work well when cooked.

The plant in the front flowerbed bore three tomatoes and seemed to stop. There are several green ones on it, but they just aren’t turning color.

The eggplant that just sat there with the same four little leaves for weeks on end suddenly began growing as if trying to make up for lost time.

I planted two hills of beans, but the slugs got most of them. There are only two shoots left out of the original 6-8 seeds.

Next time, I should try a copper barrier. They sell copper tape, but it’s expensive and all I need is a little bit.

I want to try a trick I saw earlier this spring on another website. Take a roll of masking tape and pull off a length. Turn it sticky side  up on a table and lay pennies end-to-end down the length. Lay the tape penny-side-up around the plants you want to protect. (I’d love to give credit to the web site, but I can’t remember where I saw it.)


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