Mrs. CondoGarden and I stopped by Kroger to do our weekly grocery shopping. We don’t usually go to Kroger since it’s a mile farther down the road than our usual grocery store. But our usual store didn’t carry turnip greens. (Well, that’s not entirely correct. They carry big plastic bags of pre-chopped turnip greens that stay fresh for a suspiciously long time. Plus, they also cost more. And I can chop my own greens, thank-you-very-much.)

To our amazement, the parking lot was full to the very edge. It’s more usual for businesses to have large parking lots that are rarely more than half full, but this one was crowded. There were cars prowling up and down the lanes like sharks looking for the elusive ‘good parking spot.’ After a round or two ourselves, we lucked out and found a decent spot. Once inside, we were again amazed at the number of shoppers. I can’t recall ever seeing so many people in a grocery store. Finally we learned the reason.

“It’s been like this all day ’cause of the snowstorm tomorrow,” our checkout person said.

Ah. The snowstorm. I had heard that there would be a chance of snow flurries…but, a snow storm? Everyone was frantically (well…OK, fairly calmly) buying up all the bread and milk getting ready for the coming storm. The grocery store shelves had gaping holes where the popular items were (or used to be). You’d think they were expecting to be snowbound in a remote cabin for weeks.

Now, in our defense, it’s quite normal for southerners to panic at the very mention of snow. It snows so rarely (and usually so lightly) we really don’t have to deal with it. Mind you, I’m including myself in that group. I’m very well aware that I don’t know how to drive in that stuff. (I have been known to nearly wreck a car just because I decided I wanted to drive around and see the snow. Anyone with any sense would have just stayed home.)

But still, I figured that this would be like all the other times, a light dusting of snow, maybe a little accumulation, and it would all be over in a day or two. We bought our usual groceries and went home.

To be continued…


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