After a spell of hot weather, it has turned unexpectedly cool the last two weeks. Night-time temperatures in the mid-40s. This has caused everything to slow down.

The peas and bush bean have started bearing. However, the peas only barely fit the definition of “bearing.” We’ve only gotten 5-6 pods from them so far. Peas generally like cooler weather and stop bearing in the heat of our summers. I was late in planting them and I’m hoping this cool weather will extend their season for a bit. On the other hand, the bush beans are barely knee-high but have already produced enough for both of us to have at a meal.

Right-front bed

I had put the beans in the back  of the bed, so that, if they grew very large, they wouldn’t shade the plants in front. However, it’s awkward to pick them without stepping in the bed and packing the soil down. If they don’t grow much larger, I’ll plant them towards the front next time.

The cucumbers (in the foregroiund) are coming along. They have only just begun blooming – no cukes yet.

Top of the trellis

I knew I would need a trellis for the peas and Lima beans. The trellis for the peas is black metal. Trellises in front of a condo can be a problem. The usual wooden stake would look junky. The advantage to this one is that, from a distance, you can’t see it. It easily blends into the background.  Hopefully, this will keep any neighbor complaints to a minimum. However, this trellis cost me $20 – I can’t afford to do many of them and I still had to support the tomatoes.

I found the tomato cage shown here for about $7.50 each and bought four of them. I have three tomatoes in a row in this front bed with a cage on the first and last ones. As for the tomatoes themselves, they are not doing much just yet, although there are a few tiny fruits on them.


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