The Zucchini That Ate Tokyo

While my left-front bed is crammed with lots of plants, I had spaced out the right-front one because I thought the plants (zucchini, eggplant, miniature watermelon) would need more room.  Most of these have stayed in bounds… except the zucchini.

Monster Zucchini

It has grown to at least three feet in height and four or five feet wide. It has totally overwhelmed the poor little eggplant that I planted between it and the mini-watermelon.

When it comes to zucchini, I learned the hard way that for most people, one plant is enough. Many years ago I planted several in the spring and we had way more than we could eat. This time, I just planted one.

That being said, it hasn’t produced much yet. I’ve gotten two off of it. But then the next two started rotting on the vine. At the moment there are 2-3 coming along, but they’re still pretty small.

Zucchini 2

In the second photo, you can barely see the eggplant beneath the zucchini. (Click on the image to enbiggen it.)

As you can see, I put a tomato cage around the watermelon and trained it up it. The vine was trying to run under the shrubbery you can see behind the bed and I wanted to keep it in a limited space.

You probably can’t see it, but there is a melon the size of a small cantaloupe at the base of the cage, but it’s behind the leaves. Of course, since I have never grown watermelons before, I have no idea how to tell when it is ripe.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I also had two tiny watermelons coming along higher up on the vine. Like the zucchini, they turned yellow and rotted. No idea why. At least the big melon is still looking good.


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