Tiny Heads of Garlic

Early this spring I bought a head of garlic from the grocery store, broke it into cloves,and planted it in a flower box on the patio. Once I did a little research, I realized that most gardeners recommend planting it in the fall to get large bulbs by the time the weather gets hot. Since I already had it planted, I figured it would be an experiment…

A few weeks ago, we noticed that the garlic kept looking like it was wilting and turning yellow. The soil was still moist, so we decided that it must be time to harvest it. We pulled them up, washed the soil off and left them on the patio to dry. Of course, we later learned that you’re not supposed to wash the garlic – just brush off the dirt. (Oh well… I keep telling myself it’s an experiment.)

Tiny Garlic

As you can see, the bulbs were tiny, but even so, I could tell that there were several individual cloves in them, even though the cloves are hard to separate and peel. We used them in a salad and they tasted quite ‘hot’ – maybe because they were fresher than the garlic bought at the store that’s been stored for goodness-knows-how-long?

In the photo, behind my hand, you can see the leeks that were planted at the same time – also in a planter box. They are still growing. I need to mound soil up around them to increase the amount of white part on the stems.

The current plan is to plant more garlic this fall. The time for planting here in Georgia is late September through November.


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