Something is eating my plants.

One day, I noticed that an impatient (sultana) plant had been cropped off on one side. A few days later, all of my sunflower seedlings had been nibbled off and other impatient plants had been nibbled back – all in the back yard.

The next week, I found my bush beans in the front flower bed had been nibbled on. Day by day they got worse and worse until there wasn’t much left. Even a few cucumbers showed places where something had gnawed on it.

Finally, one day we caught sight of a tiny baby rabbit in the back yard. He was so small, I could have held him in the palm of my hand. On subsequent days he burst from the bushes beside me and ran off when I was in the front bed, searching among the cucumber vines for cukes to pick.

Here I was, all set to be angry at this ‘thievin’ varmit’ only to find out it was a cute baby bunny.

Now what?


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