Update: Growing in Less Than Full Sun

About the time I wrote about my experience with growing vegetables in part-day shade, I came across a posting on another blog that addressed this topic and included a link to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about it. Rather than quote them, I’ve linked to them and you can read them for yourself.

For many years I resisted planting vegetables around our condo because I thought, without all-day sun, it would be a waste of time and energy. Now I find two articles in the same day on this topic. I wish I had known all this years ago.


Update to the Update:

I usually work during the week and am not home to observe exactly when sun and shade occur. This past weekend, I noticed that the front bed gets sun until nearly 3:00 PM. That means I get more sun that I thought – nearly seven hours. It explains why everything there was doing so well. On the other hand, the backyard gets only a few hours and – except for the stretching – tomatoes and cucumbers are doing well there.


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