Years Later

I’m back.

I should probably know better after being gone so long, but here I am.

My condo gardening experience has had ups and downs in the last several years. The main thing that has changed is that I’ve stopped growing in the ground and am using large plastic pots filled with potting soil instead. (I’m talking 16-17 inch across the rim.) Since we live in a condo, the grounds are managed by a landscaping company that sprays weed killer too liberally around the units. My wife worries that the chemicals will get in the soil and be absorbed by the vegetables, so we grow in pots now.

But it can be expensive. At a certain point, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth it. The potting soil to grow them in is not cheap, nor is buying 4″ pots of vegetables at the garden center at $2-$4 a plant. (I remember an article some years ago about the $45 Tomato. Pointing out that, given the expense, you could buy many times the numbers of tomatoes at the store than you could get growing them yourself.)

So why do it? I don’t really have a convincing answer other than, for a gardener, there’s a gravitational pull to plant something every year when spring comes. I find myself turning off the road when passing a garden center or wandering over to the garden department when at one of the big box hardware stores. I may have come in for a part for my grill, but leave with a handful of spring bedding plants.

So I’ve taken up this blog again. It’s not that I’m an expert in small space gardening. What I really want from this blog is a conversation with other people who want to garden, but also have very limited space in which to do so. I want to learn what they are doing and how they have met the challenges of their own version of condo gardening.


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